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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Macoi's Monthly Birthday Celebration - Second Quarter

After few weeks of diverting into other topics, I am now ready to continue my sharing on how Macoi did celebrate his birthdays on a monthly basis prior to reaching his first year birthday. And I must complete these posts so I can show Niko that he consistently had birthday cakes each month.

Fourth Month - October 24, 2008

It was another working day then so I didn't have the time to cook for Coi's bday. We just ordered pancit from our neighbor, bought softdrinks, served biscuits and chips and of course the cake I got from Goldilocks.

If I remember it right, we don't have a digital camera during that time so we just borrowed a mobile phone from my cousin's friend and that was what we used to take pictures.

Coi has only one visitor and that was Kuya Jayson who just lives across our house.

At least we were able to celebrate it. Look at Coi back then, he was so cute and until now he is.

Fifth Month - November 24, 2008

During his fifth month birthday I took a leave of absence as I wanted to take Macoi out. We went to Mall of Asia then and there I brought him to a studio where he had his photo shoot.

 See? It was one of his best shots as if he really knew how t pose like a model.

We actually did a lot of things at the MOA. I took him around and had series of pictures as his momi mina let us used her digicam.

We posed with the ice skating rink and the grand carousels as our backgrounds. Macoi tried to fit shades and even rode on a bike in the department store.

From the mall, we bought sansrival cake then we went home.

Since I have enough time, I had the chance to cook. I prepared pancit and sopas which is lola's favorite and matched them with strawberry juice, bread and peanut butter spread.

This day was one of his best monthly birthdays as we were also preparing for Christmas then.

Sixth Month - December 24, 2008

His half year birthday  was celebrated out of town. Since it was holiday and a Christmas eve, we went to the province (where I was raised by my lola) to celebrate the yuletide season.

What was so sad about that? The pictures were corrupted. But I did buy Coi a cake, and that was his biggest cake ever I bought from Central Terminal in Lucena City - a goldilocks chocolate cake similar to my niece's birthday cake below.

And because two special days coincided (Christmas Eve and Half Year Birthday), there were lot of foodstuffs that we personally prepared. Our visitors then were few of our neighbors and some of our relatives.

And this was the end of sharing Macoi's first second quarter of life. More to be shared next time.

***You may click on each subheadings (except for December) to see more of Macoi's pictures.***

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