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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mild Diarrhea: Macoi on Poop

Loose, frequent runny or watery bowel movements are some of the common terms synonymously used for diarrhea. But there is such thing as mild diarrhea. And I guess this is what Macoi has experienced this last few days.

Mild as he did not come to a point of dehydration so nothing's really serious about it. However, I still acted as a worried mom. I bought bottles of pedialyte so we can avoid getting him in a grave condition. I even let him took some vials of his previous medicine for diarrhea as prescribed by his pediatrician.

What he has experienced is something just like normal. You can never see in him afflicted by something. He is still the usual jolly and active baby coi. He vomitted once but that's when I forced him to eat dinner as he has restrained himself from eating solid foods for about a day or two. I guess of lesser medications, he has recovered himself from it.

So to all the moms out there, if you happen to encounter similar scenario; just make sure to consistently observe your child. See to it that he/she is in regular intake of food and  fluids as frequent as possible to avoid dehydration.

And since one of the causes of diarrhea are those bad bacteria, let us teach our children to observe cleanliness not just of their body but of the surroundings as well.


The Frantic Mother. said...

The fact that you put watery Wednesday under this made me laugh so hard I almost fell over..hahha Thanks for that.

RC and Mommy said...

I hate it when my little one has diarrhea.


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