He's my son... my ever dearest... he's one of my life's greatest fulfilments and he's the best... he's on top of my list... he's my best gem... my precious one... I so love Macoi... he's my life and that's no doubt... ;-)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Holy Week Bonding Plans with Coi

Few days from now, we will be on vacation from work to observe the highlights of the Lenten Season. I am bound to be confide at home with Coi as my Aunt will go to the province. So I would be a hands-on mom once more.
There would be more time for us to play and also more chance for me to teach him how to pray, write, sing, dance, color his coloring books and a lot more. Maybe we could also watch movies or even just sleep longer together. I just hope it will no longer be cars or transformers again.
I am just so excited about it as much as I am excited to be off from work for few days. Time to Relax... Hihi!

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