He's my son... my ever dearest... he's one of my life's greatest fulfilments and he's the best... he's on top of my list... he's my best gem... my precious one... I so love Macoi... he's my life and that's no doubt... ;-)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What if???

Macoi's fun-pic wearing Minnie Mouse headband
What if Macoi become one of the homosexuals? Would I be willing to accept him still? Of course the response would be no less than YES. I have nothing against homosexuals as long as they do not aggravate other people. 

However, I guess it will still be best to follow what was written in the Holy scripture. I mean as much as possible I am wishing that he will act on the concept of how he was created and that is to be a man - a real man of a male gender on the way he acts, thinks and speaks.

I love my baby and I will always be proud of him no matter what. He is the most handsome guy for me. The best among the best and I believe that he will be the first man who will keep me in his heart until forever.

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