He's my son... my ever dearest... he's one of my life's greatest fulfilments and he's the best... he's on top of my list... he's my best gem... my precious one... I so love Macoi... he's my life and that's no doubt... ;-)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Macoi Just Got A Nanny

For almost three years, Coi got used to the tender loving care of my aunt (my uncle's wife). Just recently when we had this need to hire a nanny to look after him as aunt can no longer perform such.

So far, she gets along well. But just like any other first timers, nanny needs a lot of instructions just as to get a job done.

She is supposed to act not just as a nanny but an all-around house help. But the most important thing I have told her is to prioritize Coi over any other things.

I just hope she can stay longer with us and that she will be able to help me to discipline Coi the way we his Dad and I want him to be.

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