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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

I am four year old already and this is my fourth Christmas. I have not been used to going to my Godparents during Christmas time. I usually let them send their gifts and greeting whenever they want. With or without it actually does not matter to me. I have been raised by my parents not to depend much on what other people can offer me while I do know how to appreciate things being given to me. I don't care if it would reach my wedding day before they remember me as their Godchild. What matters most is the memories that I can build with them during that special day. With that, I would probably look for someone who is professional enough to create something like halifax wedding photography. This might come probably twenty years or more from now and I would expect that wedding photographer halifax still exists by that time. For now, I would want to think about the present occasion - the 2012 Christmas season. I have received several gifts already plus few amounts of money. The money I will save in my coin bank as I need to raise funds further for the bicycle that I am planning to buy. Merry Christmas everyone!

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