He's my son... my ever dearest... he's one of my life's greatest fulfilments and he's the best... he's on top of my list... he's my best gem... my precious one... I so love Macoi... he's my life and that's no doubt... ;-)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mommy Moments @ Grocery

 Here we come again at Mommy Moments.

mommy moments

These are some of Coi's photos during grocery activity. I do not usually take him with me as he is so "makulit" and super heavy. I am having a hard time carrying him or running after him.

11mos Coi @ MOA Hypermarket   
sleeping coi @ MOA Hypermarket again

just recently @ SM Rosario Supermarket while eating his fave snickers chocolate 


Bree said...

Cute, what a handsome boy and it's nice he was seated right :)-

chubskulit said...

?Aww ang cute nya dyan while sleeping on a buggy lol

Tetcha said...

So cute! Before you know it, he won't fit into the grocery cart anymore! Kids grow up so fast! I love looking at that two lower front teeth! He seems so proud he's showing them to the world!

SASSY MOM said...

Nakakamis yang pwede mo pang ilagay sa cart ang kids. Mine are big na. Cherish those moments Mommy.

Gee said...

toink! ang cute naman

Marice said...

ehehe ang cute lalo na yun first photo :) SM lovers tayo no? :)

im following you now sis!

have a happy weekend!
u may view mine too here

simply kim said...

i love the second picture best. it's so funny, lol! nice post!

Chris said...

so cute! :D thanks for joining us last week!


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