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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Feeding Frenzy - Coi's Newest Obsession

Since Pao has installed a lot of games in my desktop I picked one which I shared to Coi though I am not allowing him to play computer games yet (he doesn't know how) I let him watch me play. So every night, before going to sleep,  this has been part of our routine - I will play while he just watch.We are now at the 38th stage out of its 40 stages. Last two and I have to present him a new one. 

Playing the game is so much fun. As the name implies you just have to feed frenzy the fish at each stage. In feeding your fish there are certain goals which you must achieve.

And these are some of my personal observations as I have experienced playing this game:
  • A first you have to let your fish eat those fishes of smaller sizes than you are. Anyways, once your fish has eaten a certain number as required it will grow and grow which will enable it to grab those of bigger sizes.
  • You have to be very quick and careful. Take hold of all those bonus items, such as those will give you speed, extra life, a chance to freeze those predators, an opportunity to grow in an instant and those things which will add more points for your score.
  • Avoid those whales and sharks and anything bigger while your fish is still small. Get rid of those jelly fishes that will make your fish faint. Do not eat the tiny green fishes or else your fish will be poisoned. Do not let your fish munch those bombs so it will never explode.
Feeding Frenzy will test your speed and your ability to take care of your fish pet. You just have to exercise patience as this will make you tremble.

It is also informative  in sense as you well get to know variety of fishes as you go to the next levels.

Below is the screen shot from where I stopped not because I actually intended to but because the game hanged.

Frenzy did not swim anymore... =(
Hope it will work next time. Haven't tried again yet as I am just stealing this moment to blog while Coi is already asleep.


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