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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Macoi Just Learned About Solar System

mommy moments

This will be my share for this week's Mommy Moments (originally written yesterday) - Macoi doesn't know how to read yet.
Just last night I bought some study charts for Coi. One of those is the Solar System.

photo from internet
Tonight upon reaching home, I was so surprised to know that he has already memorized each planet. He can now point out which is which. He can already identify each and every planet even if you start from top to bottom, vice-versaor in no particular order.

As early as now, I am seeing in him the potential of a bright child (just like momi, hehe!). I am so proud of my son.

Below are the pictures of the charts I purchased from National Bookstore (my apology for the photo quality):

Solar System
Do's and Dont's


niko said...

wow bright child!!

wla pa solar system si yenggay hmmmm hanap rin ako lol hihhi

bonz - for little zoie said...

galing naman ng kiddo mo!

little zoie doesn't have charts like you have, we are more into books kasi... but i think i better start buying those charts, very helpful din yan

happY MM!

Dinah said...

ha ha, buti pa si Macoi ang galing ng retention. ang alam ko lang na planet ay earth at pluto. at hindi na nga yata planet ang pluto di ba?
I love books!

Rossel said...

great job mommy. ganyan din ang wall namin dati puro dikit. and it's good na meron kang do's and dont's chart. dahil dyan, saludo ako!

Gin E said...

hi! doing some mommy moments hopping.

your prince's is smart to be able to name the planets so quickly.

Divine said...

congrats, mommy! what a smart child. Keep up with the charts, that's how my kids learned to read.

gee said...

u are so lucky to have such a genius

Chris said...

such a bright child! :D way to go mommy!

crazydenzki said...

ang galing! it's a start, charts now, books later...i'm sure he'll enjoy it =)

Mommy Liz said...

I believe that though they cannot read yet, they know what's going on. ganyan din mga kiddos ko, mas maraming alam na animals kesa sa akin..

kimmy said...

good thing you have time and patience to teach your kid. i am sure he will grow up to be a bright kid if you continue teaching him. nice post!

redamethyst said...

wow! solar system. naalala ko un commercial ng promil dati. congrats, your son is really bright

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