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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tomato Fruit

I love garden. Simply looking at a greeny and flowery spot is much relaxing for me. I somehow have a green thumb as well. I just wish I have enough of chances to indulge myself into gardening and I also wish that we have enough of space to make it happen.

My aunt loves to plant too. She's the one who usually takes care of our flowers in front of our humble abode. The unit next to mine is still unoccupied until this time and that's where tita has decided to place her tomato plants.

Everyday these tomatoes grow even bigger and bigger and bearing more and more fruits. I am asking Macoi to pick them up but he didn't even attempt as my tita will get mad.

Trivia: Is tomato really a fruit? Yes it is, as it has seeds but you may usually see it as one of the vegetables  group as it is being used as veggie in cooking.

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