He's my son... my ever dearest... he's one of my life's greatest fulfilments and he's the best... he's on top of my list... he's my best gem... my precious one... I so love Macoi... he's my life and that's no doubt... ;-)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday Bonding with Friends and Kiddos

Last Saturday, Macoi and I were able to spend bonding time together with my college friends and their kiddos. This is becoming a once in a blue moon happening as we can no longer expect our group to come complete as before. Coi's Ninang Kat is now in Canada with her hubby so she is just assumed to be our photographer for as long as she cannot attend our gatherings.
We were extraordinarily happy during that day.
I thought I couldn't take care of Macoi the way it should be but at least the pocket full of patience I have taken was just enough to save the day.
I just love to be with friends and even more with our little ones.

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DadEngrMommmyLES said...

nice picture.i'm sure the little boy was excited to meet Mommy's friends too. dropping by for Mommy and Me Monday!

inday_adin said...

Sounds like a fun meeting with friends! :) Nice photo!
Visiting via MMM!

Adin B

casseydab said...

nice photo

differentbreed said...

it's always fun to get friends and the kiddos together! visiting from Mommy and Me Monday.

Krystyn said...

How fun that you all were able to get together.


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